The Hyde Collection in Glen Falls, New York, presents anyone an opportunity to see some of the best examples of art through the ages. In fact, their collection includes items from as far back as the 4th Century BCE, making it as expansive as it is enlightening.Here, visitors are treated to paintings by the old masters and the biggest names in modern art. Textiles and furniture that are fine examples of arts and crafts are also among the collection’s holdings, as is an impressive range of sculpture. This collection was principally assembled by the Hyde family in the early 20th Century but the collection continues to acquire new pieces today. The main gallery is the old Hyde residence, now opened to the public and serving as a means for curious visitors to experience some of the greatest art of their time as well as many other eras. Expect to see Rembrandt and Rubens as well as Picasso, Degas and van Gogh in these halls.

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