OK, I’m not terribly au fait with cars and with all the vroom vroom, va-va-voom; I would just love for there to be a car buying service available that you could trust. You get personal shoppers so why not a car buying service. There must be many people like myself who don’t know a big end from the bonnet and who don’t have a handy mechanic to go car browsing with them. A car buying service would serve many people, preventing rip-offs and scams and would act as a check for those in the motor industry if such a service existed.


There To Help: On Borad Air System.

One of the great things about being prepared for a flat tire both on the road or off, is how you can also help others with the same problem.

I’ve had my Jeep off-road-equipped 4 x 4 for a few years and love it.

I can take this beast anywhere due to the extra HD tires and spare on board air systemin case something like an unexpected flat or low N2 shock.

Driving home one afternoon, I came upon a stranded car with a simple flat.

Pulling over, I saw the relief on the driver’s face as I told them I could get them back on the road.

That was a great feeling.


As a disabled person I was extremely happy with the Motability scheme at Smiths of Ilkeston. Motability is a national charity that helps disabled people and their families get mobile. Smiths of Ilkeston had a specific staff member who was trained in the Motability scheme, who in turn helped me to find a suitable vehicle for me and my family.

I was treated with respect and patience as it is difficult for me manouevre in and out of cars, but the sales assistant let me take my time and put me completely at ease. I would be more than happy to use Smith of Ilkeston again as I was so satisfied with the service they offered and the sensitivity in which they offered it.